Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
Infiniti allows more complex conditional structures with nested groups of "Any Of" and "All Of" conditions.

The following steps will illustrate how this works:

1. Using a condition tab, configure "Question's" or "Page's" conditions. Refer to Defining conditions to see how to configure conditions.

2. For example consider a client's retirement scenario. In this particular retirement scenario, retirement questions will only be asked based on the following conditions:
  •  A client needs to be at least of 55 years old and
  •  A client is currently working.
If a client is considering an early retirement then the retirement questions will only be asked base on the following conditions:
  • A client is currently working
  • 'Either' a client is at least 55 years old
  • 'OR' client is considering an early retirement

Here is a possible question set and conditions, for retirement scenario.


To create the nested "Any Of " conditions set, simply select the create "All Of " group button () and click the create "Any of " group button () on the toolbar. Then use the "Move up to next group" () and "Move down to next group" () arrow buttons to move conditions into the new group.


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