Sign Off Question Type

Obsolete as of version 8.6

Sign Off Question Type

The sign off question displays a list of available sign offs in the left pane, with the user’s chosen sign offs in the right.

See the screenshot below:

Users can then reorder the selected list using the provided up and down arrows prior to insertion in the generated document. Users can also change the default number of spaces (lines) to appear between sign offs if they select more than one for the document.

How to add a sign off question

  1. From the toolbox, drag and drop a sign off question onto a page, section column or tab.
  2. Intelledox automatically adds an answer to the new question. Set the answer’s properties.
  3. From the Bookmarks tab, drag and drop the necessary bookmarks onto the answer.

Sign-Off Creation

The sign-off which is to be inserted into a document is created in ‘Produce’

How to create a sign-off in Produce

  1. From Produce, open the ‘Sign-Offs’ section at the top

    See screenshot below:

  2. Click the ‘New Sign-Off’ button.
  3. Enter the Description of the sign-off and the ‘Sign-off Text’ which is the text that is to be inserted into a document when the particular sign-off is to be used
  4. Click the ‘Save’ button

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