Add a label question

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

1. From the toolbox, drag and drop a label question onto a page, section column or tab and set the question’s properties as below.

Property  Description\Examples 
Visible Uncheck this property if the label is not to be shown in Produce, and to be used as a constant value.
Label Text  The actual label value can contain text, question references, HTML tags, and formulas for example:
   - Text: e.g. 'My Label'
   - HTML Tag: e.g. '<img src="images/logo.gif".' 
 - Formula: e.g. '=concat("Welcome", [Q1])' 

2. Infiniti automatically adds an answer to the question. Set the properties as required.

3. From the Placeholders tab, drag and drop any placeholder onto the answer that are to be populated by the label text.


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