Add a multiple choice question

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Adding a Multiple Choice question

1. From the toolbox, drag and drop a Multiple Choice question onto a page, section column or tab and set the question’s properties as below.


Description / Examples

Default Value For drop down and multiple choice display types a single answer can be the default selection. You may select any of the answer’s display values, or select (Question Reference) to define a default question and answer.
This allows you to set the group logic default based on another question, such as a data source. Question references are matched to each group logic answer’s Value property to determine the default.
Default Question If (Question Reference) selected in Default Value. Select the question from which to derive the default value.
Default Answer If a Default Question is selected. Select the answer from which to derive the default value.
Display Type Use the Display Type property to specify how the question will look like.
For Single Answer the options are
  • Option List
  • Drop-down List
  • Likert Scale
  • Toggle Button
For Multiple Choice Answers the options are
  • Checklist
  • Toggle Buttons
Display Direction Select the direction if the display type is Option List or Checklist. You may choose to display the options vertically one above the other, horizontally across the page, or in sets of 2 to 4 columns.

2. Infiniti automatically adds an answer to the new question. Each answer represents one possible choice for the end user in Produce, such as a single  radio button or check box option, or an item in a drop-down list. Set the answer’s properties as below.


Description / Examples

Display Text The text to display in Produce for the user to select the answer. If this is left blank, there will be an empty space in the list in Produce.
Value If used to drive other logic, conditions, default values and auto answering, type text or numbers into the Value property by which this option will be identified.
For example, if this group logic is referenced in a formula, the Value property will be returned by the reference, and not the Display Text.
Selected For the multiple select display type, Select check box controls whether the answer is selected by default.
Set selected from question reference When checked, set a question which will select the answer based on the value of the Default Question.

3. From the Bookmarks tab, drag and drop the necessary bookmarks containing the content associated with the answer.


How to insert Content Library items with Multiple Choice questions

Often a Content Library item will need to be inserted depending on which answer is selected within a group logic question.

1. Follow steps 1 and 2 described above in How to add a group logic question.

2. From the Content Library tab, drag and drop a content item onto the appropriate answer within the group logic question.

3. Drag and drop a bookmark onto the content library item as depicted below.


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