Page layout type

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or Later


Pages are the simplest of all Layout Types. Questions that are related are simply grouped onto pages in Produce. The Next button in produce can be used to move through the pages in the order they are presented. The page titles can be clicked in Produce to navigate forward and back between pages.


Pages are the top level of the question set hierarchy, and can be added directly to an empty area of the Question Set pane. Pages can contain any of the question types, and may also contain sections and tab groups for further question layout options on the page.

 How to add pages

1. Open a new project in Design

2. From the Toolbox, drag and drop a Page onto the Question Set pane.

3. On the Properties tab, set the Page Title to something meaningful, e.g. ‘Address Details’.


4. Add further layout types or question types (refer to Question types) to the page and then save your project.

Note: If the Page’s questions are to be asked repeatedly to collect data for multiple records or items a repeating page can be used refer to Repeating Pages.