Group Logic Question Default Value

Applies to Infiniti v9.0 or later

Please note that from Infiniti v9.0 onwards the Group Logic question type has been renamed Multiple Choice.

Default values for multiple choice questions can be set by hardwiring or question reference. In the examples below both scenarios are described using a ‘Postage Priority’ Multiple Choice question with three possible options: Regular, Express and Registered.

Hardwired Default

Tick the Selected box  from the answer's properties.

Question Reference (Dynamic Default)

Using the data from the table below, a default answer can be set by question reference. 

This data store contains customers and their preferred postage priority:

ID FirstName LastName PreferredPostagePriority
1 Joe Bloggs Regular
2 Sandy Smith Express
3 Tim Palmer Registered
4 Tina Jones Regular
When a customer is selected, the default answer for the multiple choice question will be set.

After creating the data source question select the "Set selected from question reference' option from the Answer Properties and select an appropriate question and answer (these options appear once Question Reference has been selected).

The default is selected by matching the Value field of the multiple choice answer to the reference, thus if the reference resolves to ‘Regular’ the Value field should too be ‘Regular’. Set each answer's value property to match the possible value of the reference.

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