Layout types

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Layout Types

Layout Types control how questions are organized and displayed to the end user in Produce.

Infiniti-Design provides several layout types to help end -users group questions together and to display the information in multi-page, multi-column layouts.

Design also provides more advanced layout options for building repeating questions, where a group of questions can be asked an indefinite amount of times. This is useful for situations where data needs to be collected for an indefinite number of items, people, tasks, etc. For more information on repeating questions/sections refer to the Related Articles section below.


The following table describes each of the layout types available in Design.

Layout Type



Represents a single page of questions in Produce. A page can contain questions, sections and tab groups. Pages can be defined as repeating allowing its questions to be asked multiple times.


Allows questions to be organized across the page in columns. A section can only contain section columns, and can also be defined as repeating sections

Section Column

Represents a single column of questions. A column can contain questions, other sections and tab groups.

Tab Group

Allows questions to be organized into a group of tabbed pages. A tab group can only contain tabs.


Represents a single tab of questions. A tab can contain questions, sections and other tab groups. Users can access a tab by clicking the tab heading.


  • Layout Types do not support question references in the Page/Section/Column/Tab Titles or Section Description.
  • Layout Types, can be cut, copied and pasted within the question set to save time where appropriate. Any questions and answers contained within the layout type will appear as well, however bookmarks are ignored because they can only exist once within the question set.


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