Data Source Popup Form

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Data Source Popup Form

Infiniti 8.0 introduces a new pop up window to select "Data source" fields.


1. In Design, Add a "Data Source" question to your project.
2. Click to select "Data Source" question and navigate to "Properties" tab.
3. Select an appropriate Data Source and Table name in the "Data Source" and "Table/View" properties 
4. Click on a browse button that is next to "Display Field" and "Value Field" drop down list, in order to select 
value for display field and value field respectively.


5. A new pop up window or search form named as "Select Datasource Field" will appear. This pop up
window or the new search form automatically filters the list as per the user's keystroke the "Search" box.
For example, typing the letter "R" retrieves the "Data Source" fields as displayed by the diagram below.

The highlighted item in the list can be selected by pressing "Enter" or by clicking "OK" button.
Pressing "Enter" when no item is selected is equivalent to clicking "Cancel" button. An item can also be selected by double-clicking.