Restricting/Defining Attachments on Actions

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later

Attachments on Action

Infiniti allows defining attachments on action. This is useful for when you want to restrict or attach certain attachments to various actions.

  1. In Design create a new Project
  2. Add attachments to your Project (refer to How to Add an Attachment File to Your Project Output )
  3. Upload an attachment or a file, that you want as a part of the generated document output (refer to Restrict attachment uploads by Document type)
  4. Add an action to finish page (refer to Add an Action to a Project)
  5. Click to select the action and select the Documents tab on the right hand of the screen
  6. Within the Action Documents screen select the Custom option and in the Document dropdown menu you will see attachments for project as shown in the following screen shot


 Following are the different attachment types that can be added on action.
  • Project Document Template
  • Content Library Attachments
  • Uploaded Attachments


To define generated documents on action refer to Restricting/Defining Generated Documents on Actions