How to use Infiniti for creating your PowerPoint presentations

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation                      

Infiniti 8.1 supports Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation as an output. Text and images can be inserted, removed or repeated within a slide. This feature is designed for creating dynamic PowerPoint presentations with minimal effort.

How To Create The PowerPoint Project

To Create a PowerPoint Project, specify the format as “Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation”


It is also possible to use an already existing PowerPoint Template to create a new project



How To Add A PowerPoint template To an Existing Project

Infiniti also enables PowerPoint to be added to an already existing template and facilitates Multichannel output (both Word and PowerPoint output)



How To Use Placeholders (Tags) And Repeats

To support PowerPoint and other non-MS Word document types, Infiniti 8.1 introduces a plain text method of creating placeholders in documents. Infiniti 8.1 now supports tags as placeholders, which is a plain text placeholder name wrapped in double curly braces, {{text/image name}}. For example: {{FirstName}} {{LastName}} with a user ID of {{IDNumber}}. The new tags can be used like bookmarks, including for close gaps and repeating tags.

To create a close gap or a repeat tag range, begin the tag name with a # at the beginning of the name and close it with the same name at the end (prefixed with a forward slash '/'). For example: {{#MyRepeat}} some normal text {{InsertHere}} more normal document text {{/MyRepeat}}. Here, the text between {{#MyRepeat}} and {{/MyRepeat}} will be repeated for every values for {{InsertHere}}

For information regarding tag placeholders refer Article: Tag vs. Bookmark Placeholders, Article: How to use {{Tag}} Placeholders


Given below is a template for a newly created PowerPoint project


{{title}}, {{subtitle}}, {{heading}} and {{points}} are the four tags and the text between {{#Points Repeat}} and {{/Points Repeat}} will be repeated.




The page ‘Presentation Generation’ will take title, subtitle, heading and several points




The part to be repeated should be given inside a Section Layout and the properties would be set in the similar way for a Word document. Click the on the right of the placeholders and select the placeholder to be repeated from the box and click ‘Add’ Button


How To Publish The Presentation Project

There is also a new tab in the publish project screen called “Presentation Output” that controls what file types are generated from the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation template. (How to Publish a Project - Article 1, Article 2)




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