Send Workflow Notification Emails to a Group

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later


Infiniti allows users to send workflow notification emails to all active users within the group selected.

To achieve this, in Design - Workflows, select the ‘Group’ radio button and select a valid group from the drop down list. Refer to the following screen shot.

‘Group’ radio button is available in the ‘Send To' properties under the ‘Assignments’ tab of a state transition as shown in the above screen shot.

This process will send a workflow assignment notification to all users added in the selected group.

For example, consider the above screen shot in which ‘admin’ has been selected as a group. Workflow notification emails will be sent to each user(s) of the ‘admin’ group.

Note: If no email has been entered in users’ profile, then will be no email will be sent.


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