Downloadable documents

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later

In Produce, theGenerated Documents” section contains a list of recently generated documents. This section allows users to download the same documents again and also provides an option of deleting existing documents.

As demonstrated in the image below, click on document title in order to download the document again.

Deleting Downloadable Documents

To delete downloadable documents, tick the relevant checkbox in front of every document that is to be deleted from the list. Click 'DELETE SELECTED' button as demonstrated in screen shot below. This process will delete the selected documents from the list. More than one document at a time can be selected and deleted in a single operation...

Visibility of Documents

The visibility of documents that appear in “Generated Document” list can also be controlled using the “Settings” option present in the left-hand panel of the “Manage” window.

Upon clicking the “Settings” option, the following window will appear. Changes can be made to the default properties of the  “GENERATED DOCUMENTS” list under the “General” tab. 




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