Finish Page - Conditions

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later

From release 8.1 onwards, Infiniti  comes with the additional tab called "Conditions" on the Finish page. The following steps help to define Conditions for the “Finish page”.

Step 1: Customizing the properties of the Finish page are given in the previous article Finish Page.

Step 2: Image below shows the Finish page, for the Question “Are you an Australian Citizen”, the associated Answer is “Yes”. This means that for the condition where the user is an Australian Citizen, then the Finish Button must be displayed otherwise not.

Step 3: The relevant output displayed below shows that when “Yes” is selected, the Finish button, on the Left hand side of the Navigation pane, is displayed as well as the Next button on the final page.

When “NO” is selected, the Finish button will not be displayed on the left hand side of the navigation pane and neither will the NEXT button on the final page.


Note: With regards to workflows, a "Next" button will be displayed depending on which stage of the workflow the user has reached. Consider the image below, “User one” can go to the next step but “User two” may not be able to go to the final “Finish” step if “No” is selected in step 3. 



For creating workflows go through the Creating and Maintaining Infiniti Workflows article.

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