Auto logic rule question and comparison referencing

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later
The Auto Logic question type makes use of the reference feature  to provide direct comparisons to other questions or formulas instead of providing a constant value. This avoids the usage of formulas to compare two questions.


The created “Statement of Advice” page retrieves ‘Weekly Salary’ and ‘Weekly Rent Paid’ as inputs from users and provides advice based on the inputs using Auto Logic. The advice is inserted based on comparing 50% of the weekly salary (a dynamic formula) to the rent paid (a text field question).

In the figure below, we are inserting the “Advice_greater_than_or_equal_50_percent” bookmark only if the "Weekly Rent Paid" text field question is "Greater than or equal to" the formula "50% Of Salary" ([3.9]).
This reference can be obtained by first clicking the reference icon at the right end of the ‘Comparison:’ and then clicking ‘50% of Salary’ answer.

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