Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Gap placeholder is a placeholder that will be removed from the generated document if the question has no value. This is useful for clearing irrelevant text if an answer is not provided.

For instance, When there is a situation of a multi-line data block, such as an address, a Gap Placeholder allows empty lines in the address block to be removed in the final output – thus presenting a neater representation in the final document.


During the assignment of Placeholders, a situation may arise as depicted by the image below. In this case, there are two Placeholders, "Address" and "Address_Gap", which are available for assignment:


1. Select the first Placeholder( for example "Address") and assign it to an appropriate "Answer".

2. Click to select assigned placeholder and navigate to placeholder "Properties" tab.

3. Click the arrow button next to "Gap Placeholder:" property. As shown in the following image: 

4. This will automatically select an appropriate Placeholder to remove if there is no value present. In our 
    case "Address_Gap" will be selected as a Gap Placeholder.



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