How to set up workflow expiration notification emails

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later
Setting Workflow Expiration Notification Emails will automatically send an email to a User that has not completed an assigned Workflow Step within a defined duration.

Workflow E
xpiration Notification Emails can be set in Workflows on a Workflow State as shown:


Expiration Notification
Checking the Expiration Notification check box activates all the options of the Expiration property section.

Expire After
The duration during which a Workflow User has to complete the Workflow Step before receiving an expiry notification.

Email Subject
Subject of the relevant email. If this field is blank, it will default to <Project Name> - <State Name>.

Email Body
The body of the email. This may include the keyword [Project Link] which will insert a link, to the Workflow Step, in the email.
Note that in order to use [Project Link], 'Produce URL' must be configured in Manage Settings.


  • Notification emails will always be sent from "".
  • An Email will be sent every day until the Project is moved on to the next State.
  • Emails are only sent when a User is assigned, i.e. notification emails are not sent if assigned to a group. 


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