Reassign Action With Workflows

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later
1. In a Design click on the “Workflow” button as shown below:

Add workflow to your project. refer to creating and maintaining Infiniti workflows to see how to add
    workflow to Infiniti project.

3. Click to select a transition between states that you want to assign to another user.

4. Within the "Assignments" tab, select a "Send To" option to whom you need to assign the task to (User, 
    Group, etc.) and ticked "Allow Reassign" checkbox, as shown in the image below:

5. Click "OK" button to save your workflow.

6. Save your project and run in "Produce".

7. In Produce, when user gets to the "Send To" option and click "SUBMIT" button to proceed, an email will
    automatically to a user, that has specified in "Send To" field. According to the example shown in
    following screen  shot, an email will send to "Admin King".

Note: User can select any "Send To" option to reassign action with workflows to another user. Refer to
creating and maintaining Infiniti workflows.



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