Time zone, culture and language settings

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later
Infiniti supports a sites default time zone, culture and language and as per user time zone, culture and language.

All date, time, language and number formatting in Infiniti is initially set to the server's settings. This may be changed in a number of ways:

  • Changing the setting for the site in Manage.
  • Passing in a parameter on the URL.
  • Setting them at a user level in Produce or Manage.

The priority for these settings are as follows:

  1. If a language/culture has been passed in on the URL, this will be used and after logging in, will change the current user's settings.
  2. If no language/culture has been passed on the URL, the user's settings will be used.
  3. If there is no specific setting for the user, the settings defined in Manage or the web.config will be used.
  4. Default settings on the server.

Time Zone defines the date and time retrieval.

Culture defines date and number formatting.

Language defines what text is displayed in the UI.

Setting the Time Zone, Culture, and Language:

1.       At a Site Level

1.1.  Click on  “Settings” under the “Administration” category which is on the left hand side of the "Manage" page


1.2.  In settings, go to the “Defaults” tab at the top


1.3.  Select the required “Default Culture”, “Default Language” and “Default Time Zone” from their respective lists

2.       At a User Level

2.1. In Produce

2.1.1.  Click on the “Profile” tab at the top of the "Produce" page

2.1.2.  Select the required “Default Culture”, “Default Language” and “Default Time Zone” from their respective lists which is present at the bottom of the page under the “Regional Options” category


3.      By passing a value on the URL

              UI language and number can be overridden by passing in a “?lang” parameter on the URL.

              Example: - http://........./Infiniti/Manage/Projects.aspx?lang=fr-ca

Languages available

Language Codes



Chinese (Simplified)


Chinese (Traditional)






English (United States)




French (Canada)







  1. If a users’ profile in “Produce” page doesn’t have a specific Time Zone, Culture and Language, the default values used in the settings of “Manage” page will be used
  2. Creating a new user will default the Time Zone, Culture and Language to the currently logged in user.
  3. Changes in culture can result in changes in layout, scroll bar positions etc.



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