Print Action (with XPS setting)

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later

It is possible to send generated documents to a defined printer.
  • Create a new project in Design
  • Add the Printer action to the finish page (refer to Add an Action to a Project how to guide)
  • Select the printer action and navigate to the Printer Action Properties on the right hand of the window
  • From the Attribute drop down there are 4 attributes;
        Copies - This lets the user define how many copies of the generated document/s is to be printed. 
        Duplex (1-Simplex, 2-Verticle, 3-Horizontal) - This lets the user define what duplex they want to set if any.
        Printer Name - The name of the printer to generated document/s will be sent to eg, \\Server\PrinterName.
        Tray Name - Lets the user define what tray to print the document from if applicable.
        From the above list the Printer Name is the only mandatory attribute that needs to be added and configured correctly for this action to work correctly, the other 3 attributes are optional.
  • Add the Printer Name attribute within the fixed value field enter the path for the printer eg, \\Server\PrinterName


  • After Generating document/s the templates are sent to the printer defined.

Note: If you have more then one generated document it is possible to configure which ones are printed and which ones aren't printed. (please refer to Restricting/Defining Generated Documents on Actions how to guide)

Note: Conditions may also be set on the Print action through the Conditions tab (refer to Defining Conditions article)

From Infiniti V8.7.1 onwards...

XPS based server printing option

The current print action method uses printing methods that are designed for end user based printing through Windows applications. They are not intended for server based printing from services such as IIS.

Infiniti V8.7.1 introduces an additional action attribute called "Use XPS Printing" that will use a new printing path made for servers. It is based on the XPS print API. The document is first converted to XPS and then sent to these print API's. All of the existing print options (Copies, Duplex, tray, etc) are supported.

The image below shows how ther XPS printing option can be set to "true" or "false":

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