Save to Disk action install

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 and 8.1 the Save to Disk Action is not installed by default

This can be achieved by adding the following line to the Produce web.config file on the Infiniti web server.

      <add name="Email" type="Intelledox.Action.EmailAction, Intelledox.Action" />
      <add name="SQL Server" type="Intelledox.Action.SQLServerAction, Intelledox.Action" />
      <add name="Oracle" type="Intelledox.Action.OracleAction, Intelledox.Action" />
      <add name="Message" type="Intelledox.Action.DownloadPageMessageAction, Intelledox.Action" />
      <add name="Print" type="Intelledox.Action.PrintAction, Intelledox.Action" />
      <add name="Redirect" type="Intelledox.Action.RedirectAction, Intelledox.Action" />
      <add name="File" type="Intelledox.Action.FileAction, Intelledox.Action" />


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