Release Notes - Infiniti 8.1

Applies to Infiniti 8.1 onwards


Welcome to Infiniti 8.1 by Intelledox

After the highly successful release of Infiniti 8, and many months of new development and testing, Intelledox Pty Ltd is proud to present Infiniti 8.1. Infiniti 8.1 features numerous upgrades and new features aimed at making the document generation experience more versatile, usable, and dynamic for both end users and developers.

With Infiniti, we are taking our solution set to the next level with a product release that delivers significantly enhanced document generation and smart form capabilities. Infiniti 8.1 has the introduction of PowerPoint as a document output, extensions to workflow functionality, mustache placeholders, downloadable documents, formulas in auto logic and conditional wizard completion just to mention a few. All of which is just part of a range of the features we’ve added and improved in the most comprehensive automated document generation solution yet.

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Infiniti 8.1 now supports Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation as both the template document and the generated output. Text and images can be inserted, removed or repeated within a slide. This feature is designed for creating dynamic PowerPoint presentations with minimal effort.

There is also a new tab in the publish project screen called “Presentation Output” that controls what file types are generated from the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation template.


Enhanced Document Placeholders (Mustaches)

To support the introduction of PowerPoint and other non-MS Word document types, Infiniti 8.1 introduces a plain text method of creating placeholders in documents. Infiniti 8.1 now supports “mustaches” as placeholders, which is a plain text placeholder name wrapped in double curly braces. For example: {{FirstName}} {{LastName}} with a user ID of {{IDNumber}}. The new “mustache“ placeholders can be used like “bookmark” placeholders, including for close gaps and repeating placeholders.


Enhanced Workflow Capability

Workflow has been one of the cornerstone features of Infiniti 8, and with the release of 8.1 this has been enhanced to include features such as:

• Reassignment of Workflow Tasks – Tasks may be passed from one user to the other, without the need to complete a workflow step.
• Unlock Workflow Task – When someone claims a group workflow task, it is 'locked' to that person. New in 8.1, these tasks can be unlocked to allow someone else in the group to pick it up in the event the original staff member is no longer available to complete the task.
• Workflow Expiry Emails – Entering an "Expiry After" period will mean that if the project is in the selected State, and the person hasn't completed it within the period defined, then a customizable email will be sent to them.
• Save Progress in Workflow – Users can now save partially completed workflow tasks, and continue from their tasks list at a later date.


Enhanced Language and Culture Support

Infiniti 8.1 has the ability to change cultural and language settings within Manage and Produce on a per user basis. This functionality has been introduced to improve the user interface experience.


If no user specific cultural or language setting are selected the default will be used. The default setting can be found in Manage > Settings > Defaults tab.


Note: Culture is for date and number formatting. Language is for what text is displayed in the UI.


Finish Page Enhancement

You can now define Conditions on the Finish Page. This improves control over the Finish page and allows it to be hidden until required. For example, you won’t be able to navigate to the Finish page until all of the payment details have been filled in correctly.


Once the check box has been ticked the Finish Page will appear and the wizard can be completed.


Increased Auto Logic Functionality

A reference icon is now visible and can be used to compare references and formulas in an Auto Logic question. This improved functionality will increase the power of the Auto Logic questions and remove the need for additional unnecessary formulas and references.


Maximum Repeating Sections/Pages

The maximum amount of repeating sections or pages can be set in the “Maximum” field. Once the maximum number has been reached, the “Add” button will disappear and no further sections or pages can be added. Entering “0” into the maximum field will remove the restriction on how many times the sections or pages can be repeated. 

Document Storage

A section has been added to the Produce home page called "Generated Documents" it contains a list of recently generated documents. Clicking on the “Document Title” will allow you to download the document again. To delete, simply tick the appropriate check box on the right hand side and click the “Delete Selected” button.


Continual Improvement

Our development and quality assurance teams are continually working towards a better product. Infiniti has many more features to ensure the best outcomes for administrators and end users alike.

Further Release Notes

  • Project log / Answer file timestamps now UTC - To support Infiniti 8.1 being culturally aware project log and answer file timestamps are now in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
  • Layout conditions - Sections, columns, tab groups and tab pages can now have visible and active conditions applied.
  • Restrict attachment uploads by document type - In Design, when editing the properties of a visible attachment content library question that is either "Upload" or "Upload or Search", there is a new property called "Valid Extensions".
  • Auto select gap placeholders - Design will auto select gap placeholders button based on naming conventions
  • Page, Section, Data source, and Close gap placeholder lists now just use the popup window
  • Available project and folder instant search
  • Right to left layout support for Manage and Produce
  • Wizard adds page navigation to the browser history (back button support)
  • SharePoint License Key
  • Attachments on Actions
  • Project, Publish Page and Data Source Pages now have an 'ID' field that can be used for web service calls.
  • URLs now shown for all published projects in Manage
  • Width can now be specified for user prompt text box
  • Validation for Answer Conditions, Action Attribute Fixed Value Formulas and Page Conditions
  • Download Page Message Action Now supports HTML
  • Custom Actions can use SetProperty and GetProperty functions to communicate values between Run() and CustomUI()
  • Pop up windows changed into in-page pop overs
  • "Medium Date" format has been removed from suggested format list as it is not culturally aware.
  • Settings Page Redesign
  • Actions tab on the Workflow screen has been renamed to Assignments
  • Changes to Label Question Type properties screen