Passing Data on the Query String

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later


Web forms in Producer can be pre-populated with data by calling a web service to create an XML Answer File. However, for simple integration, or where only a small amount of data needs to be passed to the form, it may be appropriate to pass data on the query string, avoiding the need to create Answer Files or use the web services. Any parameter name on the query string that matches an answer label in the question set will pre-populate that answer.



It is possible to automatically look up further data or records based on a parameter such as a customerID or recodNumber within the web form.

When passing data on the query string an end user must already have an active session or the Intelledox authentication method must be capable of creating one automatically. Without an active session the user will be redirected to the login page. Valid methods of creating an active session are as follows:

  • Managing authentication via windows authentication where sessions are automatically created upon accessing the Intelledox site based on your windows user account.
  • Allowing guest access to Producer where sessions are created automatically under a single account. This is most common for public facing forms.
  • Calling the login method of the Intelledox Platform web service to create a session, and then append the returned SessionId to the query string along with any other data. This scenario is most commonly used with forms based authentication.

Project Configuration and Query String Structure

Any question that needs to be answered via the query string should contain an answer label. In the example below the first Label question is populated via the query string and is used by the second data source question that subsequently populates the Client Full Name user prompt.

Once you save your project, the answer label can be used as part of the query string in the URL, for example:




//infinitiesite/produce/launch.aspx?id={form id}&name=Your Name

This can be repeated to include additional answer label questions in the query string for pre-population. 

The following table outlines the optional parameters that can be appended to the URL as well.





A GUID representing the current session if it has been created by a web service call


Portal mode, no top bar or ability to save an answer file.


As per portal above but the save button is enabled.


Regular Producer interface without the home button.



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