Using the SkipWithoutValue data filter

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later

In some complex templates it may be necessary to filter a data source with the value [skipwithoutvalue]. The “[skipwithoutvalue]” reserved word is a flag that represents a value is not present yet so do not attempt to call the data source. This is necessary because some data sources will throw errors if they are called without the necessary filters.

A common scenario where the "[skipwihtoutvalue]" parameter is appropriate is where a data source needs the value of a preceding call before it can be called. In this situation the data service is being called before its filters are populated.

Errors in the management log may include:

Error Reading Data Source Answer Value: Unable to fetch data (Question: YOURQUESTION, Answer: YOURANSWER)

Note: that the data may still appear in your document as

To apply a [skipwithoutvalue] filter the data source with a formula variable such as:


The formula is essentially saying ‘if [q100] is empty pass [skipwithoutvalue], thus not calling the data source prematurely. And when the value is present use it as the data filter'.


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