Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
Dynamic file names are helpful when you have altering data or simply want the file name to reflect user input. To set a dynamic filename, all you need to do is reference a question or answer within the Question set of your project.

A dynamic file name can be as simple as pointing to a single user prompt, or as complex as pointing to a formula within the question set.

How to setup a dynamic file name within Design

1. Go to: Actions ==> Set File Name


2. The “Set File Name’’ dialog box will pop up

3. In the “File Name:” text box, reference the question or answer that you want to base your dynamic file from.

Example:“=[q1]” then click OK.* Each Question and answer has an associated ID for referencing.

  • You can find the ID within the properties tab of each Question or Answer
  • If you’re using a Data Source or Variable question to set the file name, make sure you reference the answer, example: “=[q1.1]” – “q1”: Question – “.1”: Answer

4. Save and test your project, your dynamic file name will appear on the finish page and after you generate your document.

As stated previously; you are able to use a formula to make your file name as dynamic or as static as you like. Here is an example below, the below formula is used to concatenate something static with something dynamic.
In the below example, we have used question type: Formula and referenced it when setting the file name.

Example: concat([q1], " ",[q3], " ", "is a dynamic file name")

See below screen shot:

The above example will be shown as: "<Q1User input> <Q2 User Input> is a dynamic file name

Note: You can use formulas within the “Set File Name’’ dialog box but referencing a question or answer is good practice.

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