Enforcing validation in Produce

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later


Enforce validation in your project

1. Navigate to Manage.
2. If the project is not yet published:
    a) Click on "Projects" from the left navigation pane
    b) Search and click on the appropriately named project

    c) Select the Folder you want to publish the project to
    d) Click Publish

    If the project has already been published:

    a) Click on "Folders" from the left navigation pane
    b) Click on the appropriate Folder
    c) Click on the appropriate Project

3. Navigate to the "Publish Options" tab

4. Ensure that the "Enforce Validation" setting has been enabled

5. Click save
This setting once activated generates an error on clicking Submit button on finish page. This happens if any of the question validation has not been completed while filling in a form in Produce.

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