How to add actions to workflow transitions

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Adding actions to workflow transitions

Actions can be added to transitions in a workflow, for this you will need to know how Infiniti Workflow works (see Workflow for more information)

1. Open a project with a valid workflow in design.

2. Open infiniti workflow via the workflow button.

3. Select a transition.
4. Click on the Actions Button
5. The Actions list will pop up.
6. Drag and drop the action you would like to add to the transition, we are using the 'Redirect' action as an example.
7. The action will now be added in between the state that transition was going to.

8. Click to select the 'Redirect' action.
9. The Redirect properties pane will now display on the right screen.

10. Once configured, this action will occur on transition from 'Start' to the 'Start 1' state.

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