Enabling anonymous or guest access (external forms) in Infiniti

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

For some Infiniti solutions, Produce is configured to allow anonymous access to publish forms, often via an existing website. Generally users are navigated directly to a web form or wizard and do not know they are interacting with Infiniti.

Anonymous access is achieved by configuring the Guest account in Manage once an anonymous licence key has been provided.

Once the guest account has been configured, users that access Produce will be granted access as described in the table below depending on the authentication type used.

Authentication Type Produce Log in
Forms Users will be logged into Produce under the guest account. Users can opt to log in under a named account if need be, for example an account with higher privileges.
Windows Windows-authenticated environments do not support Guest access as the Windows Authentication component denies the logon without allowing Infiniti to provide an unauthenticated session. For Guest access to an Infiniti instance using Windows Authentication, a second instance of Produce, configured to use Forms Authentication, is recommended.

How to enable guest access (Manage)

  1. Navigate to Licensing and provide an anonymous access key.
  2. Navigate to users and view the user ‘Guest’ properties.
    • Uncheck the guest account checkbox.
    • Click on Security and add the user to any appropriate groups or roles as required.


URL Structure

URLs that point directly to an Infiniti form contain the TemplateGroupGuid as per the following example:




Alternatively, you can access the Infiniti project directly via a simple link, refer to Accessing Infiniti Forms Directly article for a guide on how to do this.

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