Publish options - Overview

Product Features - Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later


Publish options allow Infiniti administrators to control some key aspects of how the project behaves in Produce.

Publish options are configured when a project is first published and can be updated by visiting the publish options (Manage>Folders>’Your Folder’>’Your Project’>Publish Options

Each publish option is described in the table below:


Allow Preview
Turns the Preview Button on or off. When the project is being used in Produce.
Allow Restart After Submission
When the option is ‘On’ and it is not a workflow submission, there is a new ‘Restart’ link on the finish page. This starts a new form with the same values as the last time you generated it.
Log Page Transition
Once On, it collects and provides data to allow organizations to generate reports to analyze form usage.
Enforce Validation
When enabled a user cannot finish the web form if there are questions with outstanding validations.
Update Document Fields
Update the word document fields after the content has been generated. For example update the table of contents
Hide Navigation Pane
Will hide the navigation pane (sometimes called progress menu) within the web form. This is useful when end users should answer the questions in only the correct order and not skip ahead and when there are only minimal pages to display
Show Form Activity
Its main purpose is to display the status of workflow forms as they transition between states. The Form Activity tab is displayed in Produce
Match project version when loading in progress forms
This allows control over how a project loads when it is loading from an existing workflow, answer file or save in progress. If this flag is turned on, the form will use the same version that was used when the workflow/answer file/ in progress for the form was initiated.
Restrict Availability Dates
Allows you to provide a start and end date controlling the projects availability.
Allow Offline Launch
This feature if turned ‘On’ allows tasks which contain data sources to be continued while offline (mobile clients)



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