Send to email action

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

The Email Action grants designers the ability to send emails through their webform projects.

To do this:

1. Add an Action to the Finish Page (refer to Add an Action to a Project article)
2. Select the Send Email action from the Type drop-down list and press OK


3. The Send Email action will now be added to the finish page of your project.


4. Select the Send Email action on the finish page
5. Ensure that the Properties tab is selected
6. Under the Action Attribute section, select an Attribute to assign a value to.
    The following are possible attributes for the Send Email action:

     From the above list, the following 4 attributes are mandatory and must be added to any Send Email action for it to function correctly:

  • Address From - Emails will appear to have originated from this address
  • Address To - Emails will be sent to this email address (Add one Address To attribute per Recipient)
  • Email Body - This will populate the body of the email
  • Subject Line - This will be the subject of the email
Note: the "To", "CC", and "BCC" address parameters can be comma-separated lists of addresses, if desired. This can be combined with the join() function to allow a data-driven set of email recipients.

    The following other attributes are available for the Send Email action, but are not mandatory:

  • Address BCC - Emails can be blind carbon copied to this email address
  • MHT Body Document - Emails can include one of the output documents in the form of HTML by inserting the name of the document in this Attribute. Note: Some filters classify MHT body emails as junk and should be avoided where possible
  • Reply To - Emails can be configured to have a return address to which replies to the message will go to.

7. After selecting an Attribute, select a Type

    The following are possible attribute types for the Send Email action:

  • Answer Value - The value of an Attribute can be populated from the answer field of a Question such as a User Prompt, Variable, etc.
  • Data Question - The value of an Attribute can be populated from the data fields within a Data Source
  • Fixed Value - The value of an Attribute can be set to a fixed, predetermined value. Note: Question references are supported within Fixed Value answers.

8. Each Attribute must be added one at a time by selecting the Attribute, selecting a Type, setting or selecting a corresponding Fixed Value / Question and Answer, and then pressing the Add button

9. The properties tab should resemble below


10. Conditions may also be set on the Send Email action through the Conditions tab (refer to Defining Conditions article)

11. To add a custom document from the webform project to be sent through the Send Email action, select the Documents tab

12. Select the Custom radio button

13. Select the Document that needs to be part of the email from the drop down list, and press Add


14. Repeat Steps 12 and 13 for multiple document attachments.

Note: By default, all documents that are part of the webform project are included in the email.

Your Email Action is now ready.


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