Update Fields Publish Option

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
Infiniti provides a range of 'publish options' when you publish a project to a folder, including the Update Fields option. When you select this option, the document field codes - including tables of contents and other calculated fields - will be refreshed automatically during generation. This means that when a user opens the generated document, in any of the published formats, the document field codes are up to date.

This is useful especially when using with a Table of Contents (TOC) in documents that may have dynamic content reflected in the TOC. With update fields selected, depending on the dynamic content the TOC will be updated to reflect the true contents of the document include page number references.

For documents that don't require fields to be updated, you may wish to turn this option off. For extremely large documents, or when generating many repeating documents, you may find a performance improvement when this option is disabled.

To configure this option, publish a project in Manage and go to the Publish Options tab on the publish page and select or deselect 'Update Document Fields'.


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