Save to SQL server database action

Product Features - Applies to Infiniti v8.0

The SQL Server Database Action Delivers Data to SQL Server via a stored Procedure via OLEDB.

*Note, the design of the new SQL Router is so different to the current that it is not possible to create an upgrade script to map one to the other.

Action Properties: 


Value to be defined

Action Name:

Name of action


Tick to enable this action to repeat for every row in a Repeat Source: Repeating Page, Section or Multiple Row Datasource

Repeat Source:

Enables when Repeat: is ticked.


Action Attributes:


Value to be defined


The values to be defined here are all mandatory attributes except for the SQL Server Connection String. Only include this attribute if you want to override the Default Connection String that is stored within Manage > Settings > Connector Settings:

  • SQL Server Connection String (OLEDB)
  • Stored Procedure Name
  • Stored Procedure Parameters (One Per Line)


The values to be defined here are not mandatory but this is what you will pass in as your attributes. You will need to select and define one of the following for each Attribute:

  • Answer Value
  • Data Question
  • Fixed Value

Each type will show / hide respective Questions / Answers or Fixed Value options.

The below steps define how to add an SQL Server Database Action:

1.Click and drag an Action onto the Finish page within your question set and select: Save to SQL Server Database from the Select Action dialog


2. Click on the newly added action to enable the Actions Properties tab.
Define your Action Properties and Attributes.

Further examples of each defined attribute are shown below:

SQL Server Connection String (OLEDB) Example: Password=password;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=intelledox;Initial Catalog=datasource;Data Source=localhost;
*Note: The connector is OLEDB, therefore you do not have to specify this attribute in the connection string


Stored Procedure Name - SP to call

Stored Procedure Parameters - Values to pass into your SP - note specific syntax below:

*ONE PARAM PER LINE using the following syntax


| Param for Question reference | @Param = [Q1] |

| Param for fixed value @Param | my fixed value |



@Guid = [q1]

@description = [q2]

@isavailable = [q4]

@score = [q8.Score]

@fixedField = Some text that is the same all the time



Router Outputs

Response - the 'scalar' value (i.e. the value returned by the stored procedure at row 1 column one). Clearly useful for returning a newly created primary key for subsequent calls.


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