Dynamic - question reference - finish page / document download page

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
Question references can be used within the Wizard Finish Page Message (displayed on the last page in Produce) and the Completion Page message (displayed on the Document Download page).

Using question references within the publish options of your published project will allow you to dynamically customize your Completion Page and Finish Page messages. The following basic outline shows a text field being used to create the Completion Page and Finish Page messages. You could also use question references to multiple choice questions or even Formulas to dynamically build these messages instead.

1. Copy your question reference from the Design question set. Example of question reference: [q1]

2. Within your projects publish options page, click the Messages Tab.

Note: If you are publishing your project for the first time it will be page location: Manage > Projects > Edit Project > Publish Project or if you have already published your project it will be in: Manage > Folders > Publish Project (Access your project from within the appropriate folder)

3. Paste your question reference into the appropriate Message field of your choice.

4. Save your changes by clicking the Save button.

When you have completed the above steps, these messages will be displayed as follows.

Example Input from [q1]

Example Output from [q1] to the Finish Page

Example Output from [q1] to the Completion Page (Documents) 
Note: The messages tab information is not tied to a project. Therefore, when user exports a project that has messages options such as Help Text, Completion Page Message etc. configured, these options will not get exported along with the project.

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