Defining Manage and Produce URLs

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

The Infiniti Produce and Manage sites can be easily cross-referenced by configuring their URLs within the Settings page in Manage.

To do this:

  • Log into the Infiniti Manage site as an administrator, and navigate to Settings.
  • Enter the absolute path to your Infiniti Produce instance into the 'Produce URL' box.
  • Enter the absolute path to your Infiniti Manage instance into the 'Manage URL' box.
  • Press 'Save' on the top left corner

Once the URLs have been configured, a link to Produce becomes available on the Manage page. Similarly, a link to Manage becomes available on the Produce page.


Note: This ability to cross-reference between Produce and Manage was previously handled through their respective web.config pages (either directly or through IIS settings). If your instance of Infiniti was upgraded from V7 to V8, it is possible that 'ProducerURL' and 'DirectorURL' were previously configured. Application settings within the web.config pages take priority over the settings stored within the database (such as the new Produce and Manage URLs), and need to be removed. To do this, go to your Produce web.config and Manage web.config and remove the "DirectorURL" and "ProducerURL" settings from the appSettings node respectively.

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