How to move the position of the Generate/Submit button

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
When a form is designed the 'navigational flow' of the form needs to be considered. An important part of this flow is determining what happens on the final page. Infiniti provides flexibility where to position the Submit/Generate button, this is in addition to having control over the text of the button. The choices are
  • Bottom Middle (default)
  • Top Right
  • Both.

To configure this -  Open your project in Design and click on the 'Finish' page. In the Properties tab, set the 'Button Position' property as appropriate and save your project.

In making your decision, try running through the form in Produce a few times considering how it feels for the user reaching the end - does it make sense to have the submit button in the same place where the 'Next' button has been through the preceding pages? Or does it make sense to break that flow deliberately, and have them seek the bottom of the last page to Submit? Perhaps you want the user to have the choice, in which case you can select the 'Both' option.

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