Accessing Infiniti forms directly

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

It is now possible to access your wizard form directly through a URL, to access your project directly you will need to enter this link http://localhost/produce/form/my folder/my project/.
A brief description of the URL;
- localhost: The server or workstation name your infiniti instance is installed on.
- Produce : What we are using to run our project in.
- form: This is just the default name we use.
- my folder: The folder you have published your project to in manage.
- my project: The project name of the wizard you want to access directly

For an example we used the below URL to access our project.

Note: Security permissions apply, so if a user doesn't have appropriate permissions to view a form, Infiniti will deny access to that user.

Note: For forms hosted in a multi-tenant Infiniti environment (such as, the externally accessible URL must include the tenancy's unique business unit identifier. For a published form, the appropriate URL can be retrieved by navigating to "Folders" within Manage, and selecting the folder and project.

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