Add an action to a project

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Adding an Action

1. Create or open an existing project in design.

2. Ensure 'Action' is available in the toolbox.

3. There are two ways to add an action to your project.

- Click 'Action' and drag onto the finish page in the 'Question set'.
- Select 'Finish' in the 'Question set' and double click 'Action' in the Toolbox.

4. The 'Select Action' window will display.

5. By default Infiniti adds the following actions:

- Display Message.
- Printer.
- Redirect.
- Save to SQL Server Database.
- Send Email.
- Save to Database.

6. Select an action from the drop down and click Ok.

7. The action you selected will now be added to the 'Finish' page. The added action can now be configured by adding the parameters in Design.

Note: Actions can only be added to the 'Finish' page in the design window, an action can also be added to a transition in a workflow. (refer to How to add actions to workflow transitions article)
Note: You can have more than one of the same action type on the Finish Page of a project.
Customized actions can be developed to support unique circumstances. Guide on how to develop and deploy custom actions is available here.

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