How to allow users to upload files

Applies to Infiniti v9.3 or later
After 9.3, a File Selection question is used for uploading files:
Click here to learn about allowing users to upload files in v9.4 and above.
Sometimes as part of filling in the form there is a need to allow upload of a document, this file gets displayed along with the generated document output once the form has been submitted. For example, attaching a resume.

To set up this question type, perform the following steps:
  1.     Open the Project in Design.
  2.     Add a Content Library Question to the Project.
  3.     On the Properties tab for the Content Library Question, check "Visible".
  4.     For Content Type, select "Attachment".
  5.     For Display Type, select "Upload".

When the project is now run in Produce, there will be a question on the form for a user to upload a file. The file uploaded will be included as one of the documents available for download or can be sent to an Action.

If you wish to give the uploaded document a specific name, set the "Attachment Name" property on the Content Library Question.

If you wish the uploaded document to be included in the Content Library, check "Allow Add to Content Library". A Content Folder for the uploaded file to be put into may also be defined. 

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