getAnswerFile() method takes a long time to respond

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
The getGetAnswerFile() method is generally a fast call as it is only returning a string.

However, if there is a delay when calling this method it is most likely because a data source is being called to create a complete answer file with default values, etc.
This could be because:
  • A data source is being called without the necessary filters and large data sets are being returned
  • A data source is timing out.
  • Etc.
Fixes include:
  • Modifying the data source to handle all calls.
  • Using a [skipWithoutValue] if a filter value is not present. This 'reserved word' will instruct Infiniti not to call the service if a filter has not been provided:
    • Create a Variable Question
    • Set its answer to [Formula]
    • use an IIF formula to determine if a value is present for the filter and return "[skipwithoutvalue]" if one is not present. iif(isequal([q1.CUSTOMERID],""), "[skipwithoutvalue]",[q1.CUSTOMERID])
    • filter the data source by the variable question.

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