How to add an attachment file to your project output

Tips and Tricks - Applies to Infiniti v8.0 onwards


Sometimes you may wish to attach a file to your generated output. For example, in an email sent by Infiniti, you may wish to have a company policy document attached.

To set this up, there are two steps you must take:

1) Add the file to the Content Library. See the article "How to Add Attachments to the Content Library" for steps on how to do this.     

2) Add the Attachment to your Infiniti Project.

    Open Design and load your Project.

    Add a Content Library Question to the Project.

    Go to the Content Library tab and search for the file you added previously.

    Drag the Attachment from the Content Library onto the Answer of the Content Library Question.


Now, whenever this Project is generated, the file will be included as one of the collection of documents generated.

Alternatively, you may wish to have a user select a particular file from your Content Library which running your Project from Produce. To allow this, perform the following steps:

    Open Design and load your Project.

    Add a Content Library Question to the Project.

    On the Properties tab of the Content Library question, check "Visible".

     Set Content Type to "Attachment".

    Ensure Display Type is "Search".

This will now include a Content Library Question on the Form when run in Produce. A User can search for and select an Attachment from the Content Library which will be included in the generated Documents.

The "Restrict by Folder" option allows you to refine which Attachment items from the Content Library are available for selection by the user. Only Attachments in the defined Content Folder will be available to be selected.

If the Attachment is referenced from elsewhere in the document (for example it may be referred to as "Appendix A"), you can define the name the Document will have in the "Attachment Name" field. This field supports question references.