Data source sorting

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
When retrieving multiple records from a data source, administrators can use Design to sort the records as needed by their document.

This is especially useful when using data sources such as XML that can’t be sorted in the same way as SQL views.

How to Configure Sorting

In Design a Data Source question contains a Sort Fields tab. This tab can be used to define the way data from the data source is sorted when displayed to the user in Produce.

For example, putting a Sort Field of Field= "BookName" Direction= "Ascending", will sort returned data by Bookname, from A-Z (if descending then the other way around). Adding another field of "BookAuthor" will then sort by Bookname, then if there are any matching Booknames, sort by BookAuthor. Because this order is important, there are up and down arrows on the tab to determine in what order the data is sorted.

These sorting fields can be added by selecting the field and using the Add button or removed using the Remove button. There is also an Update option if you simply wish to change the Direction of the sort order.

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