Validating a project

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
The Validate Project function is a useful way to determine if there are any problems with your Infiniti Project. It should be the first action taken if a Project is failing somehow or doing something that is unexpected.

Validating a Project is easy, simply click on the Validate Project button at the top of the Design screen:

Once executed, a list of issues will be displayed at the bottom of the Design screen:

Double clicking on any line in the results will navigate to the offending item.

The following properties are checked when performing a validation:
  • Formulas are valid (including Question References) - Variable Formulas, Data source Formulas, Page Repeat Titles, Question Default Values, Question Text, Finish Properties, Rule Formulas/Aggregates, Section Descriptions.
  • Conditions are valid (references exist and are earlier in the project and are to valid question types) - Question Conditions, Transition Conditions, Action Conditions, Document Conditions
  • Verify Placeholders exist in the Document(s) - Non-External Placeholders, Page Repeat Placeholders, Data source Repeat Placeholders, Section Repeat Placeholders. External Placeholders are validated that they appear in attached Document Fragment Content Items. If a Placeholder doesn't exist, it will appear in the Validation Results as a "Message". These can be show or hidden by clicking the "Show/Hide Messages" button at the top right of the Validation Results window. A Placeholder not existing may be valid if you intend to publish your project with a Layout.
  • Data sources can be connected.
  • Display Fields have been set when needed for Data sources.
  • Data source filters are valid.
  • Data source sort fields are valid.
  • Data Fields selected for Data source Answers are valid.
  • Content Library Auto Answers are valid.
  • All Questions have Answers.
  • Content Items exist.
  • Content Items are not attached to a Visible Content Library Question (they will be ignored).
  • Auto Logic Rules are valid.
  • Answer File Labels are unique for Content Library Questions.
  • Content Folder exists if defined for a Content Library Question.
  • Actions are defined in a valid order.
  • A valid Repeat Source is defined for a repeating Action.

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