Setting Infiniti license keys

Tips and Tricks - Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later. 

Infiniti requires license keys to enable usage or to activate certain components. Licensing is maintained from Manage, by selecting Licensing from the main menu.

There are three types of License Keys

  • Product Key
  • Module Keys
  • Additional Users Keys

Product Key

Product Key is unique to each client allowing base functionality. A product key is comprised of a License Holder name coupled with a Key.


Module Keys

Module Keys are used to activate certain modules that are not part of the base product. There are four modules that require a module key.



Anonymous User Access

The Anonymous User Key allows anonymous access generally to publish forums to internet users, often via an existing website.


Workflow key activates the workflow functionality which enables transfer of document between the users of the product


SharePoint key enables retrieval and delivery of data and documents to and from SharePoint



To add new module license, enter the unique license key number inside the text area near the ‘Key’ row and click the add button. The system will detect which module the key activates and will automatically enable the feature.

Additional User Keys

Additional User Keys increases the number of users that can use the product which is owned by a particular ‘License Holder’. Enter Additional User Keys as per module keys described above.