Split and manipulate fields returned from data sources

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

If your data source returns a data field and you need to remove unneeded characters, Infiniti has three formula functions to help manipulate the field:

  • left()

  • right()

  • substring()

Left() and Right() take the leftmost/rightmost characters of a field, whereas subString() extracts the inner parts.

For example if the field 'AABBCC (OCT 2005)' was returned by a data source:

  • left([YOURREF],6) would return 'AABBCC'

  • right([YOURREF],10) would return '(OCT 2005)'

  • subString([YOURREF],9,8) would return 'OCT 2005'

  • use the trim() function to clean up any unneeded white space.


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