Data source conditions and parents

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Data source questions can be used to control if pending questions are displayed or hidden from the user ( i.e. to set conditions). The behavior differs lightly between single and multiple-row selection types.

Single Row Data Sources

If the data source question is retrieving a single record form its source, a condition can be set by selecting the conditions tab of the child question and using the dialog to configure the condition, or with a drag and drop motion.


  • Conditions are case sensitive
  • If you wish to have the child question on the same page as its parent the data sources display type must be Drop Down.


Multiple Row Data Sources

A multiple-row data source question works much the same as a single-row data source however, when the condition is evaluated it will check all selected rows against the condition. If any selected row meets the rule the condition it will be evaluated as true.


  • Conditions are case sensitive.
  • Child questions must be on different pages.

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