Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

The following table contains an exhaustive list of items that can be customized via a theme's skin file.

SkinID Control Type Description Page
PageTitle Label Title of browser pages/tabs within Infiniti CreateDocument.aspx, Producer.master, SubPage.master, WebLogin.aspx, WizardMaster.master
LoginBeforeSkin Label Content before username/password section when logging in WebLogin.aspx
LoginAfterSkin Label Content after username/password section when logging in WebLogin.aspx
FinishBeforeSkin Label Text at the top of the page at the end of Produce Finish.aspx
ExpiredContentSkin Label Message for if content within a generated document has expired Finish.aspx
ErrorsOccurredSkin Label Message that appears if errors occurred during the generation of a document Finish.aspx
FinishAfterSkin Label Text at the bottom of the page at the end of Produce Finish.aspx
HeaderLogoSkin Label Logo for Produce Producer.master
WizardHeaderLogoSkin Label Logo during Produce TemplateWizard.aspx
WizardHeaderSkin Label Header during Produce TemplateWizard.aspx
WizardFooterSkin Label Footer during Produce TemplateWizard.aspx
GenerateDoc Label Custom text for Submit button TemplateWizard.aspx
PortalDefaultBody Label Hide/Disable Produce Home Page -


Note: Editing the .SKIN file may require a forced reset of the site's Application Pool in order to refresh.

An easy way of forcing the application to update the site is to make a small modification to the web.config file, then undo the modification, then save the file. Once this is done, reload the site in the browser.

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