How To - Applies to Infiniti v8.0 onwards

The isTrue() function evaluates determines if an expression is true or false, Returns 1 if true otherwise 0 if false.
This function can be used to convert string based True/False results into a numeric representation.
By default, this function will interpret the following as True:
  • 1
  • T
  •  True
  •  Y
  • Yes
This function is not case sensitive, so the value ‘t’ and ‘T’ both evaluate to True. In addition to the built-in interpretation of True, this function can optionally be passed a second parameter to define an alternative value for True. Used in this way this function is similar to the IsEqual function.


IsTrue( e, [c] )


e - Expression to be evaluated as True.
c –(Optional) value to be used as a definition of True. Note that if a second parameter is provided, the built-in definitions of True no longer apply and only the value passed in will be tested.


IsTrue([q1], "2")

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