Convert document project to form project (or vice versa)

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

     Note: See this article for Converting to a fragment page or portion

Occasionally effort has been put into a project where the initial choice of project type is proven to be incorrect. Conversion between projects is not possible via the Intelledox interface but the following work around can be used.

Export your project to an XTF file and open it in an appropriate editor such as Notepad.

Search for the <TemplateTypeId> node.

Update the nodes value as per the following table:

Project Type Value Example
Content     1 <TemplateTypeId>1</TemplateTypeId>
Layout  2 <TemplateTypeId>2</TemplateTypeId>
Fragment Page 4 <TemplateTypeId>4</TemplateTypeId>
Fragment Portion 5 <TemplateTypeId>5</TemplateTypeId>


Save and Import the project into Manage.

Subsequent saves of the document should tidy any extra or missing nodes.


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