Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later
Returns a string created by formatting a value in the specified style.


Format( e, f )


e An expression or value to be formatted, which may include equations, question references and function calls.
f The format string to apply to the expression.


Format the current date:
- Format(today(),”long date”) -> “Friday, 1 January 2000”
- Format(today(),”dd MMM yyyy”) -> 01 Jan 2000
- For further details of date formatting, see
Format a number to always show digits/decimal places:
- Format([q1],”{0:#.0}”) -> will always show one decimal place (e.g. 5.0 for the value 5) and and only show units if they exist (e.g. “.1” for the value 0.1)
- For further details of number formatting, see
Format a string to “title case” (first letter of each word capitalized):
- Format([q1],”+-+-“)
Note: Infiniti 8.5 introduces support for Special Formats: +, -, +- and +-+- , all other Special Formats are not supported in this function. For more details see Special format strings.

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