Contains and NotContains functions

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

The Contains and NotContains functions are useful for many scenarios that involve knowing whether certain words or sentences exist in the data.


Contains returns whether or not the first parameter is equal to one of the other parameters.

Note that this is case insensitive

Example 1: Contains("Tom", "Tom", "Dick", "Harry")--------------------------> Evaluates to: 1

Example 2: Contains("Tom", "Jenny", "Dick", "Harry")------------------------> Evaluates to: 0



The opposite of Contains.


Repeated Data

Both functions will also work if one of the parameters is a reference to a repeated question or multiple row data source.

Example: Contains("Tom", "Jenny", [q4])

If [q4] is a reference to a repeated question with the values "Harry", "Dick", "Tom" then

Evaluates to: 1


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