Calling stored procedures via the OLEDB data source provider

Tips and Tricks - Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
Please note that from Infiniti v9 onwards Key Fields have been renamed Filter Field.
The OLEDB data source provider can call stored procedures in almost the same manner as tables, queries and views. Steps are as follows:
  • Using an existing OLEDB data source, click new Data Object.
  • Select Stored Procedure from the Object Type drop down.
  • For the Data Object Name / Definition you need to enter in the stored procedure name plus the default values for the parameters. Eg:spUsers_UserByUsername(admin)The parameters need to be enclosed in brackets. If the stored procedure doesn’t have any parameters just enter the name.

  • The available filter fields are stored procedure’s input parameters (eg @username) and should be added to the Filter Fields list, these values will be populated by the Infiniti project that calls the stored Procedure.
  • The Display fields are columns from the dataset that are returned when running it and can be hidden from user view by removing them from the display fields list.

  • From Design use either question references or constant values to pass the input parameters to the Stored Procedure.


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